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Image Matters develops innovative high-performance hardware and software tools for extreme imaging applications.

At Image Matters, we’re passionate about images, just like you. Image Matters brings its passion and experience into electronic subsystems for a single purpose: simplifying the system designer’s job in pulling the audiovisual industry forward.

We believe that video technologies change our lives. Today audiovisual industry evolves toward better, faster, brighter and more available pictures. Higher image resolution (4K, UHD-1, 8K) with a wider angle of view provides a sense of immersion. More images per second (HFR - High Frame Rate) provides more accurate movements and sharpness. More brightness and deeper colors (HDR, Extended Gamut) provide a feeling of realness.

In order to support all audiovisual challenges, Image Matters paves the way toward efficient image compression (HEVC, JPEG 2000, TICO, …) and easy image transport over internet. Image Matters provides electronics and software platforms to help audiovisual equipment manufacturers to jump faster and easier into new video dimensions. Using a modular approach, Image Matters' Origami product range splits the electronics into pre-validated subsystems and provides an easy-to-use software environment to customize and build complete systems.

Look around you and observe how new image technologies contribute to a better world!

Let’s work at it together!

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Qualified partners

The Origami Ecosystem is a worldwide network of qualified companies collaborating with Image Matters to further the development of image quality.