Xilinx FPGA-based PCIe board

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FPGA-based PCIe board supports real-time JPEG2000 compression for 4K, 2K, and HD video streams

Apr. 2014, Xilinx, Las Vegas, USA

Image Matters—a Belgian vendor of JPEG2000 accelerator boards to the broadcast, video production, and cinema industries—was demonstrating their new IM-X PCIe board family at this week’s NAB 2014. The board comes in three versions, all based on the same pcb layout. Here’s a photo and diagram of the board:

IM-X Family

The company was founded by serial entrepreneur Jean-François Nivart, who also started JPEG2000 IP core vendor intoPIX. In the following 3-minute video, Nivart walks through the design of the board, which is based on a Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA. The FPGA performs real-time JPEG2000 real-time compression and decompression for 4Kp60 video (for the IM-XL board) or 2Kp120 video (for the IM-XM board) and achieves 2:1 compression using a mathematically lossless compression ratio and by as much as 15:1 with visually lossless results. The FPGA also implements the board’s four SDI ports.

Marquise Technologies to support Image Matters' JPEG2000 boards

Marquise Technologies is supporting the range of JPEG2000 encoding/decoding PCI-Express boards designed by Image Matters, a developer of innovative hardware and software tools for extreme imaging applications.

Apr. 2014, Marquise, Geneva, Switzerland

Marquise Technologies announced today the support of Image Matters' product range of JPEG2000 boards for MIST Master, the groundbreaking mastering system.

MIST Master is a turn-key system designed to fulfill very different needs: mastering for digital cinema up to 4K 60p DCI resolution, creating IMF packages, mastering AS-11 or AS-02 HD content for television, or creating JPEG2000 archives.
With the support of Image Matters boards, dedicated options are now accessible like mathematically lossless coding/decoding or ultra-low latency. Combined with the 4K 60 FPS encoding capability of this engine, MIST Master offers true performance and maximize the mastering workflow efficiency.

"JPEG 2000 is becoming a dominant codec in many areas of the industry and combined with new challenges such as HFR and 4K, encoding and decoding can be time-consuming. Image Matters' new product line delivers the speed and quality required to tackle these challenges while keeping the workflows viable", says Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.

"As Marquise Technologies' innovations increase tremendously production workflow efficiency, at Image Matters, we are proud Marquise has integrated our IM-X family of boards with always in mind the desire to improve image quality", stated Jean-Francois Nivart, Founder of Image Matters.

MIST Master will be demonstrated at NAB 2014.


About Marquise Technologies

Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for the post-production and the television broadcast industry. The company addresses post-production facilities and digital film labs and provides them with high-end solutions for image processing, data conforming, color grading and Digital Cinema & UHDTV mastering.

Please visit Marquise Technologies' website www.marquise-tech.com for more information.

More Pixels, Faster Pixels, Better Pixels

JPEG 2000 Image Compression versus MPEG2, h.264 and HEVC

Oct. 2013, nmPostAlliance, Albuquerque

During NMPA Event, Jean-François Nivart presented differences between JPEG 2000 and MPEG.
Why should we reserve JPEG 2000 for post-production and HEVC for last mile distribution ?
See the presentation below:




New Revolution in Image Compression : the IM-X Family

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You need more Bandwidth for your 4K application? More Speed? We have an Handsome and Accessible Solution for You!

Sept. 2013, IBC show, Amsterdam

You need more Bandwidth for your 4k Application?
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You need image compression but want to keep your image quality?
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We have now an Handsome and Accessible Solution for you !

Visit us at IBC2013 and discover our two new generation board, member of the IM-XFamily:

  • IM-XS board for handling 2k@60p;
  • NEWIM-XM board for handling 4k@30p;
  • NEWIM-XL board for handling 4K@60p.

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