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More pixels, more resolution, more colors… the growing demand of images has brought Image Matters’ team to develop a future-proof solution in order to handle this growing amount of data. This had to be agile, powerful and innovating.

Made to compress, transcode, play and record video, Image Matters presents his new product, the ORIGAMI.

Bringing the concept of modularity and scalability to the field of electronics, the ORIGAMI is a combination of 2 PCB. One is the module, driven by a FPGA. The other is a carrier board, standard or personalized, made to be an I/O platform.

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Module Board

Module Board

The Origami Module is a revolutionary module with extreme connectivity and processing power.

With its business card size and its dedicated Z-Ray connector, the B20 module (see picture) can easily be integrated onto standard or custom carrier boards that perfectly fit every application.

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Carrier Board

Carrier Board

The Origami Carrier offers a tremendous platform to experiment and deploy high end video applications using the extreme power and connectivity of the Origami Module.

With its half-heigh half-length low profile PCIe size, the B21 (see picture) can easily integrate any PC based systems.

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Qualified partners

The Origami Ecosystem is a worldwide network of qualified companies collaborating with Image Matters to further the development of image quality.