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Image Matters’ Origami & Origami Square product lines
speeds-up your FPGA integration

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FPGA modules from R&D testing to mass production


Building hardware

for ultra-high bandwidth applications

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From camera to display, from autonomous car to satellite, from sci-fi movies to surgery robots, your products impact our daily lives. Images are everywhere. They connect, they teach, they tell. You thrive on them, building a better world by making innovative products.

We believe in your work; we believe in better, faster, deeper pixels. Our origami™ concept rewrites how FPGA development works by providing the most advanced technologies at your fingertips.

how it works

…with a touch of us.

Decoupling  Processing Power 

From Application Layer

The origami™ concept creates agility and speed in your hardware development. The origami™ and origami™ square modules become the beating heart of your system. It regroups the most sensitive components in electronics: FPGA, memory, flash, local power supply, and other essential components to run the targeted FPGA efficiently.


This leaves you with the carrier board to design. Freed from most of the PCB complexities, you can very quickly build, tailor, version, adapt your perfect carrier board in a safer and more efficient way compared to building everything from scratch.


Empower your designs 







Best Xilinx FPGAs

You get access to modules integrating the most advanced devices from each Xilinx family: from the Zynq MPSoC and RFSoC up to the Virtex with HBM. Or more precisely, from ZU7EV and ZU28DR to VU37P, including some KU5P, KU15P, KU115, ZU11EG, and VU13P. Take your pick.
Oh! And we know that you know. We also are eyeing those ACAP devices…

Single pinout

The pinout of our origami™ square modules has been engineered to be compatible across the lineup, even when integrating Xilinx devices from different families. You started with a Kintex to ultimately realize a Virtex us what you need ? Always wanted to test the limits of the ARM cores in the Zynq family? Or even dreamed of versioning your product without reworking any layout? We got you covered.

Unlimited connectivity

Now, this is really our secret sauce, and what makes origami™ so special. Thanks to our origami™ and origami™ square connectors based on Z-Ray technology, you can access up to 2468 pins each capable of 32Gbps. This means no connector bottleneck and free access to all FPGA resources. From the biggest devices out there, we offer you a module connecting all available GTs at full bandwidth, all remaining HPIOs, HRIOs, and the rest of all the I/Os.

Tiny form factor

Well, let’s crunch numbers: our modules are between 52.6×62.6mm for the smallest versions, and 165x88mm for the biggest.
Take a business card, place it on your desired product or plan. If it looks like it could fit, it will fit. Take 2 business cards side by side for the biggest modules.
In origami™, you will find some of the most compact HW modules in the world for the FPGA and memory size.

Simplified architecture

By integrating the processor and many other components, the modules free your carrier board design from much of its complexity. Simpler layout and optimized PCB layers lead to easier testing and validation process as well as faster respins or adaptation in the hardware design. What’s there not to like?

Evaluation ready

Thanks to the available standard carrier boards, you can get straight down to business with our modules. Along with a basic reference code, you can quickly validate your idea on the best modular architecture available. But don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself!

Mass production built

From a single unit up to multiple thousands of units a year per project, our origami™ modules deliver. Lower volume projects will benefit most from the interesting pricing and available standard designs while higher volume project will benefit most from the gain of time, architecture simplification and overall risk reduction in the new product development.

Standard carrier boards

Be it to get started, to evaluate or even to get inspired for your own device, our standard carriers are your starting blocks for bringing awesome products to market. Built with multiple I/O combinations answering most use cases, they remain compact and perfect for the development of a Proof of Concept. Get your first set of module and carrier ASAP and ship your end product ahead of the competition!

Product Highlights

We Build Electronic Modules For Advanced Imaging Applications


the Brain
Virtex UltraScale+™

Huge Logic
with Extremely
FAST Memory


the Link
Zynq UltraScale+™

SoM with 120 LVDS pairs and 100 Gb. Eth. Dual Links


the Coder
Zynq UltraScale+™

System on Module with 4K HEVC Codec and 2 banks of DDR4 Memory


the Logic
Kintex UltraScale+™

Efficient Advanced compression on module


The Gateway
Kintex UltraScale+™

From video to network in one dense module.


Leverage World Experts

“Image Matters has developed a novel and flexible approach to hardware, with the Origami™ model simplifying integration of advanced system hardware whilst retaining the advantages of Xilinx adaptable platforms. The Origami™ modularity shifts the hardware development workload towards value-generating tasks and algorithms, instead of commodity hardware infrastructure.

Rob Green, Senior Manager, Pro A/V & Broadcast @ Xilinx

“Thanks to its innovative modularity, Origami™ accelerates the design of tailor-made FPGA-accelerated solutions. You get more flexibility, you spend less time on PCB design: this is an attractive path to introduce rapidly new technology to the market. “

Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Director Marketing & Sales @ IntoPIX

“Origami modules should be a game changer! It gets easier for us as an IP vendor, to build a more practical solution by implementing our own design into the FPGA on Origami™ module. End customers could reduce their time, costs, and risks. This is exactly what I have been waiting for!

Kohji Oyama, Director @ M3L

“The Origami™ concept developed by Image Matters truly enables product designers to do their job faster, safer and more efficiently. Bringing complex hardware product to market is getting easier than ever.”

 Takayuki Baba, Manager @ IBEX Technology

Original Feature Highlights

Discover High-Performance Plateforms For Extreme Imaging Applications


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