Liège, BELGIUM —  5th March 2018

“NAB 2018 will be the show of 8K over IP delivering the immersive experience viewers demand. Our new IM-M20 is the latest-generation FPGA high speed video processing module for the origami™ ecosystem. IM-M20 is smaller and pin compatible with the IM-B20, addressing cost sensitive applications, and demonstrates the flexibility our origami™ ecosystem delivers. Our 8KSVIP partner Cesnet will be exhibiting alongside us to demonstrate solutions for real use cases leveraging the origami™ ecosystem” – Jean-François Nivart, Image Matters CEO.

Image Matters de-risks extreme high-speed hardware designs and is constantly developing new modules based on the latest and fastest FPGA’s. Future proof and adaptable hardware platforms are guaranteed with Image Matters unique modular origami™ ecosystem.

Manufacturers can be assured that Image Matters super high-speed designs will always be one step ahead from the evermore demanding and complex technology.

Taking away most of the complexity, risk and cost from high-speed hardware design, Image Matters origami™ ecosystem empowers manufacturers and system integrators to deliver their own top-notch video, IP and VoIP applications at breath-taking speed and diminished costs.

New at NAB 2018

Image Matters will be demonstrating the prototype IM-M20 module, part of the Image Matters product range. Using smaller components than the IM-B20, the IM-M20 benefits from a lower unit cost and reduction in size while maintaining pin compatibility with the IM-B20 using the dedicated high-bandwidth Z-Ray origami™ interconnector.

The IM-M20 uses the Xilinx Kintex UltraScale Plus KU5P FPGA and is perfectly aligned to applications requiring high-bandwidth I/Os. This smaller module targets any network application.

Better integration of DC-DC converters, configuration flash, system clocks and memory all contribute to the IM-M20’s reduced cost and size empowering OEM’s and system integrators to aggressively pursue other markets such as VoIP.

The IM-M20 high-speed IO connectivity and selected FPGA facilitates processing of one channel of 8K:60fps 444 12 bits, or one channel of 4K:120fps 444 12 bits, including TICO encoding and decoding.

Transport connectivity includes 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G ethernet as well as PCIe and SDI. IP sector and transmission over IP benefits well from the IM-M20 with its ready-to-go solutions.

On Display at NAB 2018

The ORIGAMI™ IM-B20 gives manufacturers a powerful board to access new technologies, while slashing development costs and time to market. Advanced reconfigurable modules deliver high performance sub-frame latency video processing in a business card size. Using a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale 060 FPGA, the IM-B20 handles multiple video codecs up to 8K-UHD-2 uncompressed and TICO formats, as well as 4K-UHD-1 uncompressed, TICO, JPEG2000, HEVC IP, AVC and MPEG2 formats.

The dedicated Z-Ray interconnector empowers integration of the IM-M20 and IM-B20 modules onto Image Matters B21 interface board, or even onto OEM designed connectivity and carrier boards.

European collaborative group 8KSVIP is a body of academic and industrial partners including Image Matters, Cesnet, IntoPIX and AV Media. Exhibiting alongside Image Matters, Cesnet will be demonstrating their tools using Image Matters origami™ ecosystem to help broadcasters migrate from HD and 4K to 8K over IP, their focus being on management of high-speed transport technologies to integrate SDI and IP.

Meet Image Matters at NAB on booth C8727.

More information about this and any other Image Matters products is available at or by phone at +32 495 23 00 08.

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About Image Matters

Image Matters provides unique FPGA video processing modules to accelerate image processing and save time in acquisition, (post)production, distribution and archiving. Image Matters advanced video boards manipulate multiple video codecs such as JPEG2000, TICO, HEVC and MPEG to provide the highest image quality. Ready for High Frame Rate, High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut and Stereoscopic-3D, Image Matters powerful cost-effective new PCB delivers superior quality and affordable high-end image processing for OEMs.

Image Matters is the founder of the Origami Ecosystem, a unique marketplace for hardware product range and pre-validated IP-Cores from many world-class collaborating vendors. New and customized products have never been easier to create for multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K products. For more information on Image Matters, the origami ecosystem and its products, go to

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