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Image Matters develops innovative high-performance hardware tools for extreme imaging applications.

At Image Matters, we’re passionate about images, just like you. Image Matters brings its passion and experience into electronic subsystems for a single purpose: simplifying the system designer’s job in pulling the audiovisual industry forward.

We believe that video technologies change our lives. Today audiovisual industry evolves toward better, faster, brighter and more available pictures. Higher image resolution (4K, UHD-1, 8K) with a wider angle of view provides a sense of immersion. More images per second (HFR - High Frame Rate) provides more accurate movements and sharpness. More brightness and deeper colors (HDR, Extended Gamut) provide a feeling of realness.

In order to support all audiovisual challenges, Image Matters paves the way toward efficient image compression (HEVC, JPEG 2000, TICO, …) and easy image transport over internet. Image Matters provides electronics and software platforms to help audiovisual equipment manufacturers to jump faster and easier into new video dimensions. Using a modular approach, Image Matters' Origami product range splits the electronics into pre-validated subsystems.

Look around you and observe how new imaging technologies contribute to a better world!

Image Matters, doesn't it?

Passionate about image

Images are everywhere! Family pictures and holiday videos, entertaining movies and live broadcasting, satellite images and disaster prevention, property security and Law enforcement, body scanners, pre-natal ultrasound scans...
Because images are part of life, you take care of them.
You protect their quality. You make them accessible. You protect their value. Finally, you preserve them.
At Image Matters, we’re passionate about images, just like you.


The image revolution

Pictures convey living emotions. As our eyes become used to high quality pictures, we want even more: more resolution, more pictures per second, more content, more searchable data...
Today's imaging technologies are evolving fast. New compression schemes and new packaging formats are changing our jobs.
JPEG 2000 is a real answer to protecting image quality - from the camera's sensor to the final distribution head. This image compression format can handle any picture size and colour scheme. It retains image quality through a high number of encoding-decoding generations and it works seamlessly with the last mile MPEG2, h.264 or HEVC encoding.
New packaging formats enrich contents in file-based production workflows. MXF, IMF, DCP, AXF, and ASO2 handle complex structure and often seem obscure to file systems. We have to adapt quickly with the right software component tools!
We provide innovative hardware and software components enabling fast development of advanced imaging applications and systems.


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