Meet the team

Jean-François Nivart  CEO

Jean-François Nivart

Jean-Francois is passionate about image, technology and entrepreneurship.
With his extended knowledge of digital imaging, he has more than 24 years of experience in young enterprises. His positions have evolved from product manager, CTO and CEO to board member in companies like EVS, XDC, IntoPIX, and FlyingCam.
A specialist in product design and marketing with extensive experience in digital cinema and broadcasting, Jean-François brings an innovative vision to the image market.
Jean-Marc Coulon  CTO

Jean-Marc Coulon

Jean-Marc is passionate about transforming ideas into concrete products.
With extensive experience in product manufacturing at Philips, he worked at the edge of traditional design, creating and industrializing innovative products that are used worldwide today.
Jean-Marc has been working in electronics for 24 years and in that time has developed a broad, multidisciplinary knowledge, including light, energy, audio and sensing.
Truly visionary, he produces innovative solutions combining cost target with end user and market needs.
Alan De Hepcée  COO

Alan De Hepcée

Alan is passionate about transforming a company into a successful Venture, and transforming a team into a dream team.
With an international experience of 25+ years, from Project Management to C level functions, within big and small companies, Alan has been focusing his career for 10 years in C-level operational functions in small to medium companies.
Manuel Hellendorff  CMO

Manuel Hellendorff

Manuel is an enthusiastic technology fan and traveler.
Good humored and easy-going, Manuel makes the best of his multi-cultural background to navigate networks, find and connect the dots. His creativity and natural active listening help understand the real challenges at play and fashion exciting answers to those challenges. Manuel rose quickly within Image Matters, where he holds the position of CMO at this moment. He would much prefer to get to discuss and know you instead of writing this short bio at the third person.
You ?

You ?

Image Matters is continuously looking for people passionate in images. We believe the strength of our company is the passion of our team. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with introduction letter and resume and be ready to be part of a great team.