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The IM-B20 is an electronic module that integrates a powerful FPGA-type processor and all the components necessary for its smooth operation.


Thanks to its “credit card” format, the IM-B20 can be connected to any type of carrier for any application. This isolation of the computing power allows manufacturers to focus on their application while Image Matters takes care of the commodities of the design, no need to reinvent the wheel each and every time.

The IM-B20 is particularly useful for advanced video applications. It is able to handle multiple video codecs and interface and to process video streams up to 8K UHD-2 in uncompressed or TICO and up to 4K UHD-1 in uncompressed, TICO, JPEG 2000, HEVC IP, AVC or MPEG 2.

The IM-B20 uses the origami modularity concept developed by Image Matters’ R&D department. This concept makes it possible to merge data processing modules and cards via a dedicated connector.

Today, the IM-B20 is the only existing origami compatible module and several partners are already working on the development of dedicated carriers using the module for their own application.

Below is a visual of the module and its integration within the origami concept:

The IM-B20 is the beating heart of the origami modularity concept. Decoupling processing power from the application layer, the origami concept creates agility and speed in hardware development.

The IM-B20 groups FPGA, memory, security chip, local power supply and other essential components to run the FPGA in a credit card size module. Its highly compact design integrates everything you need to exploit the FPGA while exposing all available IO to the application layer.

Origami Ecosystem

origami is a unique off-the-shelf modularity for hardware products and software toolkits delivering customized multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K video products.

The origami ecosystem gathers top level hardware vendors, IP-Core vendors, design houses to build an extraordinary efficient development and deployment environment. In this ecosystem, functionalities and possibilities expand dramatically as direct access to extended libraries of pre-integrated IP-Cores are provided from world class vendors.

The full list of partners can be found here:

Additional information

FPGA DeviceDevice: KU060
Package: A1156
Speed Grade: -2
Temperature Grade: E
Module FlavorMax Memory: No
Max Differential: No
Module InterposerGTY - 25 Gbps / line:
GTH - 16 Gbps / line: 28x GTH
RF ADC 14 bits - 5 GSPS / line:
RF DAC 14 bits - 10 GSPS / line:
HP & HR Diff. Pairs @1,2Gbps: 14x Diff. IO
HP & HR incl Differential General Clocks: incl. 7x Clock
HP & HR - IO lines single ended: 169x GPIO
HD-IO GPIO lines @0,6 Gbps:
HD-IO incl Differential General Clocks:
Module MemoryTotal Memory Bandwidth: 341 Gbps
AXI Bus Nb -:
PL - DDR4: 32 Gb
--32 bits:
--64 bits: 2x 64 bit bank
PS - DDR4:
FPGA FeaturesSystem Logic Cells (K): 726 kCell
DSP Slices: 2760 DSP
100G Ethernet MAC/PCS w/RS-FEC - 256 Gbps / instance:
PCIe Gen3 x16 /Gen4 x8 /CCIX- 256 Gbps / instance:
PCIe Gen3 x16 - 256 Gbps / instance: 3x PCIe
150G Interlaken - 256 Gbps / instance:
Video Codec 4K HEVC - 4K60p 422-10bits:
Embedded ProcessorQuad-ARM Processor - With GPU, RTU, 16GB eMMC:
PS-MIO Pins - 1,2 Gbps / IO:
PS-GTR - 6 Gbps / line:
On board ClockOn board Clock: 200MHz @ 30ppm
Mode: 300MHz @10ppm
Precision: /
Module ControlOn Board microcontroller:
Control - via microcontroller:
Boot Mode: JTAG via FPGA
Boot Flash: Dual QSPI
Flash Memory - Total Capacity: 1 Gbit
Max NB of bitstream: 4 bit streams
On Board Security - Battery Powered: Real Time Clock Chip, FPGA Encyption Key
Power & Heat ManagementPower Consumption - Maximum: 35 W
Power Input: 12V (4.5A), 3.3V (0.5A)
Heatsink efficiency: 0.9 K/W
Operating Ambiant Temperature: Up to 65 °C
Physical FeaturesBare Module Size (mm):
Weight (bare): 73g
Module with Heatsink Size (mm): 93.75 x 52.6 x 32
Weight (with HeatSink): 230g


Download the spec sheet here : download link.

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