IM-M20 – KU5P



The brand-new IM-M20 integrates all important features requested by FPGA-based designs, i.e memory banks, DC-DC converters, configuration flash and system clocks.

Additional information

FPGA DeviceDevice: KU5P
Package: B676
Speed Grade: -1
Temperature Grade: E
Module FlavorMax Memory: No
Max Differential: No
Module InterposerGTY - 25 Gbps / line: 16x GTY
GTH - 16 Gbps / line:
RF ADC 14 bits - 5 GSPS / line:
RF DAC 14 bits - 10 GSPS / line:
HP & HR Diff. Pairs @1,2Gbps: 48x Diff. IO
HP & HR incl Differential General Clocks: incl. 1x Clock
HP & HR - IO lines single ended: 8x GPIO
HD-IO GPIO lines @0,6 Gbps: 65x GPIO
HD-IO incl Differential General Clocks: incl. 3x Clock
Module MemoryTotal Memory Bandwidth: 77 Gbps
AXI Bus Nb -:
PL - DDR4: 16 Gb
--32 bits: 1 x 32 bit bank
--64 bits:
PS - DDR4:
--64 bits:
FPGA FeaturesSystem Logic Cells (K): 475 kCell
DSP Slices: 1824 DSP
100G Ethernet MAC/PCS w/RS-FEC - 256 Gbps / instance:
PCIe Gen3 x16 /Gen4 x8 /CCIX- 256 Gbps / instance:
PCIe Gen3 x16 - 256 Gbps / instance: 1x PCIe
150G Interlaken - 256 Gbps / instance:
Video Codec 4K HEVC - 4K60p 422-10bits:
Embedded ProcessorQuad-ARM Processor - With GPU, RTU, 16GB eMMC:
PS-MIO Pins - 1,2 Gbps / IO:
PS-GTR - 6 Gbps / line:
On board ClockOn board Clock: 0-350MHz
Mode: Configurable clock
Precision: TCXO @ 2ppm
Module ControlOn Board microcontroller:
Control - via microcontroller:
Boot Mode: JTAG via FPGA
Boot Flash: Dual QSPI
Flash Memory - Total Capacity: 512 Mbit
Max NB of bitstream: 8 bit streams
On Board Security - Battery Powered: FPGA Encyption Key
Power & Heat ManagementPower Consumption - Maximum: 27 W
Power Input: 12V (2.3A)
Power Output:
Heatsink efficiency: 1.2 K/W
Operating Ambiant Temperature: Up to 65 °C
Physical FeaturesBare Module Size (mm):
Weight (bare): 32g
Module with Heatsink Size (mm): 62.6 x 52.6 x 32
Weight (with HeatSink): 90g


Download the spec sheet here : download link.

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