Origami square - Product Selection Guide
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As a technology enabler, Image Matters has always been at the forefront of innovation for imaging technologies. With Origami Square, IM now extends its range of products to Xilinx' newest chipsets, including Virtex and Zynq. This new range offers more memory capacities, more LVDS and an intercompatibility of pinouts across all modules.

The Origami Square Interposer

For this new range, IM has come up with a new interposer designed to accomodate the smallest and the the biggest chipsets of Xilinx. With the Origami Square Interposer, the number of pins, GTs and LVDS is more than doubled, which opens up even more possibilities for system designers. The intercompatibility of pinouts across Xilinx' families allow system designers to instantly switch chips according to their needs.

Origami Origami square
1,150 pins 2,500 pins (50x50 pins @ 0,8mm pitch)​
Up to 34 GT​ Up to 88 GT
Up to 80 LVDS pairs Up to 236 LVDS pairs

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