The IM-B21 is an origami compatible carrier offering a flexible PCIe platform to experiment and deploy fastly and efficiently high end video applications.

Featuring a PCIe GEN3 x8/x16 bus, the IM-B21 can reach throughput supporting up to 8K-60p uncompressed video streams simultaneously as input and output.


Connected to the IM-B20, the IM-B21 is particularly convenient for advanced video applications: handling multiple video codecs, interfacing and processing video streams up to 8K UHD-2 in uncompressed & TICO and up to 4K UHD-1 in uncompressed, TICO, JPEG 2000, HEVC IP, AVC and MPEG 2.

Features of the IM-B21

3x SFP+ Cages - MSA - Embrionix compliant
PCIe Gen3 up to x16
Interposer connector Z2-50, 1x2 or 2x1 unit

Origami Module(s):
6x Gigabit Transceivers toward the 3 SFP Cages
16x Gigabit Transceivers toward the PCIe bus
I²C & ISP control bus
12V & 3,3V Power lines
USB and JTAG connectors for module programming
Reset buttons and LEDs for debug

2x Clock Generators AD9578
1x Clock Generator CDCM6208

Low Profile - Half length - PCIe card

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origami is a unique off-the-shelf modularity for hardware products and software toolkits delivering customized multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K video products. Its ecosystem gathers top level hardware vendors, IP-Core vendors, design houses to build an extraordinary efficient development and deployment environment.

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origami connector

origami connector

The origami connector is a Z-Ray Z2-50. Designed by Samtec for the exclusive use of Image Matters, it connects an IM-B20 to any compatible carrier board. The Z-Ray Interposer between two PCBs contains 1,150 pins. Each pin can support data rates up to 26 Gbps.

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