The brand-new IM-M20 integrates all important features requested by FPGA-based designs, i.e memory banks, DC-DC converters, configuration flash and system clocks.

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Most of the FPGA signals that are not used by these basic features will be routed to the origami connector to become available on the carrier board. The selected FGPA allows video IO and processing of up to 8K 60fps 444 12 bits or 4K 120fps 444 12 bits including TICO encoding and decoding.

Transport-wise, the board features 10/40/100G Ethernet as well as PCIe and SDI. Transmission over IP is a particularly good fit for this board. While the function of the IM-M20 is mainly to ease the integration of FPGA for video use cases, its architecture also enables it to cover other applications.

Origami Ecosystem

The IM-M20 will be the second origami compatible module of the range after the IM-B20, launched in September 2017. The IM-M20 will integrate in the exact same way of the IM-B20, using a carrier and the origami connector.

M20 x BoardDecoupling processing power from the application layer, the origami concept is a unique off-the-shelf modularity design for hardware products and software toolkits delivering customized multi-channel HD, UHD, 4K and 8K video products. 

The origami ecosystem gathers top level hardware vendors, IPCore vendors & design houses to build an efficient development and deployment environment. In this ecosystem, functionalities and possibilities expand dramatically as direct access to extended libraries of preintegrated IP-Cores are provided from world class vendors. 

The full list of partners can be found here:

Features of the IM-M20

 Interfaces • Connector Samtec Z-Ray A8
• 1150 pins (23 x 50)
• 16 bidirectional GT @ 25 Gbps
• 48 LVDS @ 1.2 Gbps
• I²C & SPI control bus
• Power lines LEDs for debug
• Up to 400 Gb/sec parallel data
 Power Input  8-16V
 Clocks  25 MHz + 4 Programmable clocks
 FPGA  Xilinx Kintex UltraScale Plus:
KU3P or KU5P in FFVB676 package
 Memory  2x 8Gbit (2x 4Gbit optional), 32-bit data bus
 Embedded Power Rails  DC/DC converters
Flash memory

1x QSPI, 4-bit data bus

Dimensions and weight

 Board alone : 52.6 x 62.6 x 10 mm – 32 g

 Board with heatsink: 52.6 x 62.6 x 25 mm – 90 g

References M3L, Adeas, Nextera – ST2110 Video over IP

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