Broadcast, and the real time processing of images, use a lot of dedicated hardware, integrating FPGAs of all size, typically for small to medium volume products (from tens to a few thousands of units). And this is precisely where our origami™ modules excel: providing the redundant essentials, while letting you tailor your perfect product. Give your customers your undivided attention!

8K Camcorder

From sensor to broadband, network or storage, our origami™ modules become the brain, the processing powerhouse for the sensor(s) signals, in a compact, ruggedized and embedded fashion.
All signals can be wired and processed through the module, either turning an advanced camera into a single chip one, or providing easy access and parts replacement for a distributed architecure with multiple processors.
One of the first 8K60p broadcast camera to hit the market is powered by origami™!

Video Gateway

Broadcast nowadays is really about migrating to IP-based technologies. But for most of us compatibility with SDI remains a must. Our origami™ modules really bridge the gap in the transition by providing a fully configurable, upgradable, replaceable piece of hardware. SDI to IP and back with light compression to fit a 4K60p signal in a cost effective 10G Ethernet link becomes trivial, and upgrades to multiple 4K60p channels in the same cable has never been that easy. Testing and integrating 25G and 100G Ethernet in a product is a piece of cake with Origami. Did you know that we’ve got the most compact and cost effective 100GigE configurable module on the market? Smaller even than a business card.
Tell your CTO about it, and get ahead in IP!


It’s booming, you know it. Look at the chip market: GPUs vs FPGAs vs ASICs vs Xilinx’s ACAPs vs all the rest.
origami™ actually fills the gap between today’s GPUs ease of use and tomorrow’s perfect ASIC.
With origami™ modules, you start right now your development, and you give yourself the possibility to switch to compatible upgrades and newer chips when you reach the limits of your current hardware. Plus, developing your custom board(s) for your use case has never been faster and easier!

Autonomous Car

Aggregate all the signals from the many sensors in and around your car, then format them so that the inference system makes the right decision. By using origami™ modules, save on space, power consumption and development time to take your advanced system on a spin. Quite literally, as some of the autonomous cars you see roaming the streets in silicon valley are powered by origami™.

Sensor Fusion

Our origami™ modules provide full access to all the high speed serial links of the FPGA, and the remaining IOs. This means your system can be modular AND tackle all those sensors you’ve always wanted to connect together, on a single package. While keeping your PCB simple and easily customizable! And don’t forget the possibility to upgrade easily should you be wanting for some more.

Pro AV

The Pro-AV market is dynamic, and faster to move than Broadcast. Development speed in this market is key, and while the bulk of the market builds very similar products from each other, more and more platforms are looking for special features and unicity. Our origami™ modules check all marks there being cost efficient, unique, and accelerating significantly the development speed of innovative products.

8K Multiviewer over IP

The audience craves for more. And the industry delivers.
Higher resolutions, higher bit depth, HDR, more channels and IP transmission is an ongoing challenge to product engineers. With origami™ modules, building prototypes on the go to address a very specific demand becomes possible, while keeping the door open to efficient productization of your prototype should it score beyond expectations. 8K multiviewers today still rely on heavy hardware systems. Why not make them compact, portable and affordable?


This is where reliability, low latency (real time) and high image quality gets critical. After all, Image Matters.
Our origami™ modules pass rigorous in-house testing for many conditions including reliability, aging, vibration, environment,… and our origami™ connector was designed for higher signal integrity. Just test it and see for yourself!

AR Surgery Robot

From Xilinx’s Zynq device families containing HEVC hard cores, up to Virtex device families with tremendous amount of FPGA fabric, you can mix and match origami™ modules to handle your high resolution images, process them using your own expertise, and display the information on an Augmented Reality simulation, all in real time. With our modules, you can focus on your added value and stop worrying about memory drivers or track length between the processor and key components. Give your customers the very best.


Witness the power of origami™ and origami™ square connectors: designed with more resilience to vibrations and shock environments than traditional snap-on or plug-in connectors, they allow a new level of modularity in the aerospace industry.


With the vibration resistance of the connector, the origami™ modules are very efficient to prototype with then use on the field. Some special edition of the module can also include rad-resistant FPGAs, so if you look up closely, you might be able to spot a micro-satellite powered by and origami™ module.


Image is our motto, it’s our mojo, and boy, do we love a good movie. Our origami™ modules, by their nature and agility, fit very well in some high end project in the cinema industry.

8K Projector

Ok, what is so special about it? What if I tell you it comes with a media block? And choice of connectivity between SDI and IP? Would it tickle your interest? That’s a glimpse of what we’ve been working on with the biggest brands of the industry.
With origami™ connectivity, you’re able to take the full advantage of an FPGA, without the trouble of actually implementing in on your PCB.

R&D & Testing

Even for lab projects or very low volume production, the origami™ modules simplify the adoption of Xilinx FPGAs, come with very good pricing options, and let you focus on your application. Not on the memory interface for instance, unless you’ve got a revolutionary memory driver to put to the test.
You can also benefit from the origami™ standard carrier boards for your evaluation environment.
Finally, should you come to a breakthrough, you can just port the origami™ modules to the final product and go to production with the same building block you started with!

Advanced Lidar System

How could someone handle a Lidar array with thousands of lines requiring multiple Gb of bandwidth, while staying in sync? You guessed it: the origami™ concept is pretty good for distributed architectures, where many processors need to interface with one another. Or you can just go ahead and build your own Proof of Concept with a single module. Quite a few universities would look forward to see it!

Sensor Test Equipment

When your products are so specific that you need custom test equipments for each new product development, that’s where a lot of time can be saved. Indeed when you use our origami™ modules, you go a lot faster with the development of said test equipment and can focus on your real products. Or you can go even one step further and build modular test equipments powered by origami™ modules! Now more custom electronics, just replacing the specific part that would fit your upcoming product… Just check with your engineering department and ask for their opinion on this.

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